Infinite Bomber (SMS + Call flood)

Infinite Bomber (SMS + Call flood)

Infinite Bomber

Somehow I wanted to make an SMS bomber. I made it. And he also built Tor for anonymity and so that the attacker’s IP address is not blacklisted by sites used in the bomb (it changes the IP address every 40 seconds). Then, my partner and I sold it on a forum of stupid schoolchildren .

But after a month I was tired, and I scored on it.

And now, I want to publish the program and its sources (already free) on some forum. I do not want to be wasted in vain. As you can see, I decided to publish it here.

Almost no way I have been finalizing the program for the last ~ 2 months, but Dolbit is still Normalno .

There are sources in the archive, and in the builds folderalready compiled binaries (for release).
Download link: (35.5 MB)


PS On the Internet you can find the “ scaledly updated and renamed” version of InfiniteBomber, and some other fakes, don’t get fooled. The real / normal InfiniteBomber is no longer sold in any form.